Oh, hi!

I’m Allison — the hands, brain, and heart behind fuzzy grapefruit.

I have always been obsessed with making things. When I was very little, I would make my own picture books by stapling together sheets of letterhead paper from my dad’s office. The end product was not very refined, but it got the job done and it allowed me to focus on what really brought me joy: storytelling with visuals. Years later, while I was getting my degree in graphic design, one of my sisters gave me a block of stamp carving rubber for Christmas and I quickly found myself falling in love with the idea of creating designs and imagery using a more hands-on method than the computer would allow. I experimented with block printing, bookbinding, and even metalsmithing, but I kept coming back to the simple processes of drawing and painting. Then I was gifted a Wacom tablet (still one of the best gifts I’ve ever received) and I rediscovered my love for working digitally.

My artistic interests tend to ebb and flow, but I am always thematically driven by the same things: animals, humor, puns and witty sayings, social commentary, the human experience, and the undercurrent of sadness beneath all things.