Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

OMG guys, changes are afoot! (…do people still say “afoot”??) Anyway, you might have noticed that the official fuzzy grapefruit site now includes a blog (which used to be a separate WordPress site). My hope is that this will tidy everything up, keep all the info I share with you in one location, and encourage me to write more blog posts. So stay tuned for more posts, hooray!

Also stay tuned for some exciting updates about a new fuzzy grapefruit wedding venture. Weddings!? Ooh, I love weddings! Iiii know!

Until next time, my little pamplemousses 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. gresham

    Whеn I initialⅼy ϲommented I clicked the
    “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    eacһ tіme a comment is added I get three emails ᴡith the same comment.
    Iѕ there any ѡaʏ you can remove me frоm thɑt service?
    Tһank you!

    1. Allison

      Oh no, what a pain! I’ve actually turned off comments for posts older than 30 days (which would be all posts at this point), so you shouldn’t receive any more notifications. Let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!

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